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Energetic, Enthusiastic, Creative. These 3 words are the first that come to my mind when I think about Lauren. You’ll find many more descriptors among the other testimonials - all accurate! She seems to have boundless energy that she puts into everything she does. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Both characteristics serve to bolster her creative efforts. How do you hold an event that involves walking (the CRDSS Buddy Walk) during Covid? Lauren figured it out and made it magical. As executive director of the Centre Region Down Syndrome Society (CRDSS), she took our organization to the next level with her creativity, organizational skills, fundraising prowess, and genuine affection for individuals with Down syndrome. She made a big difference for the Down syndrome community in Centre County. We will be forever grateful.

– Suzanne Weinstein

Member, CRDSS

As our Day of Caring event planner for 2021, Lauren faced epic challenges – a brand new director, a pandemic, and a late start. I am in awe of Lauren’s kindness, warmth, and resilience under pressure. Her attention to detail was nearly flawless on top of it. Her time, expertise, and determination to finish the project were valued and appreciated. Lauren is responsible for a massive win for Centre County United Way and an incredible impact on our community.

– Leanne Lenz

Executive Director, Centre County United Way

Lauren Smith is the consummate professional when it comes to communication, marketing, event planning, fundraising and development. Her attention to detail will astound you. Lauren is the perfect person to have on your fundraising and development team because she will take your organization’s mission to heart and make sure it is communicated clearly, all the while lavishing your donors with the acknowledgement and gratitude they deserve. Lauren is a self-starter and she shoulders a considerable workload with grace and sureness. Working with Lauren, you will see where your organization’s strengths lie (she will praise you endlessly for them) and where your organization can improve. She is ever-optimistic and always quick with a kind word. In short, a joy to work with.

– Heather House

Executive Director, Centre Region Down Syndrome Society

Unquestionably our interest in and support of PASA has been enhanced by Lauren. She is direct, honest, knowledgeable, dedicated to PASA’s mission – all with a great sense of humor and laugh. She knew how to ask for support in such a way that before you knew it you had said yes, and she treated everyone the same. Lauren’s qualities really made you trust her and what she stood for.

– Helen & Bill Elkins

Buck Run Land & Cattle


I have no doubt that Lauren’s infectious enthusiasm will continue to carry her forward and benefit other organizations and communities of dreamers in the future. There really is no progress to be had in the world without people like Lauren who are willing to aim higher.

– Brian Snyder

 former PASA Executive Director


Generosity, Strength, Grace, Dedication. These are the things that come to mind when I think of Lauren. She was a great boss, colleague and role model. Lauren was always generous with her time, knowledge and thoughtfulness. So much so that I often wondered how she managed it. I learned so much from Lauren and I am so grateful for her mentoring and encouragement. Lauren nurtured my confidence and that stays with me still.

– Jean Najjar

Employee at PASA


Talking about the glue that sustains? That defines Lauren and the grounds on which she is departing PASA. So much of the growth, expansion, and influence of sustainable agriculture in PA and nationally has its roots at your desk. I know we only met face-to-face a handful of times, but it was not for a lack of effort on her part! Lauren had a gift of nudging, reminding, asking, keeping me in the loop and understanding. I will miss her always kind and appreciative handwritten notes on my letters. As a result of our relationship, my support of PASA will continue.

– Fran McDermid

Strawberry Fields


What I like most about Lauren is her positive ‘can do’ attitude. If you have a problem, she'll help you solve it and do it with gusto, meticulousness and competence. With Lauren on your team, there's no doubt that you'll hit a home run!

– Lisa J. Bunin, PhD

Founder & Director, Organic Advocacy

Former Director, Greenpeace International Ocean Incineration Campaign

During the four years when I worked with Lauren Smith at Greenpeace, I found her to be an energetic, hardworking, personable and creative problem solver. Obstacles never thwarted Lauren; challenges invigorated her solutions-oriented mindset. For example, I watched her navigate through a devastating earthquake that adversely affected two retail stores that she oversaw with decency and perseverance by caring for the employees first and then the merchandise and physical structure.

– Karen Topakian,

Former board chair, Greenpeace, Inc.

Lauren brings the best out in the people she comes in contact with. Whether an employee, customer, associate or friend, she is generally interested in them as people first. I think that is her superpower. She raises up those around her. From the beginning of her career, I believe that has been the foundation of her success. 

– Ben Fein

Founder, Seven Seas Trading Company

The Wiz Kids Inc.

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